watchmywatch is a game.

In it you are asked to design a watch on a special piece of paper, which you can download by clicking HERE.

It will not be a watch destined for production. The goal is not yet another watch, but to express our thoughts and queries about time.

Various people are taking part in this game. Some are creators in the plastic arts, architects, art directors, photographers, people who design watches, jewellery, objects etc., and others are doctors, lawyers, politicians, students, children...

My intention is to collect as many designs as possible. The more pictures of time the better, a thought manifestly objectified through the watch.

You can print the file and use it as a blueprint for your own creation. Thus, all watches designed by you will have one thing in common: the same size.

The shape of your watch may be round, but why not square, parallelogram, triangular or whatever else you like.

You may use the imprint for the wristband, or not. You may design a wristwatch or an alarm-clock or a church-clock or a cuckoo-clock.

Design "your own" watch:

an imaginary time machine revealing your own view of time and your feelings about it, about life itself.

Those designs deemed the most interesting will be exhibited, published in the press and constitute the subject of a special publication.