Gérald Genta, the grand Master of watchmaking aesthetics, in a rare interview of great historical value accorded to Constantin Stikas.


He recounts for us (and you can also listen to him speak, by clicking on the 'Click to Listen' link - yet another innovation of, like he has never done before, his collaborations with Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Omega, Vacheron Constantin, Rolex, Chopard, as well as the birth of the Royal Oak and of the Nautilus. He simultaneouly shares with us his opinion on today's trends, on his numerous imitators, on the watch that he would have liked to have designed himself (he who designed more than anyone else!), on his relationship with collectors and with Horlogerie companies, on what he thinks of Patek Philippe, of Rolex, of Franck Muller, he criticises the "peculiar language", as he terms it, of speaking about watches entirely in terms of the millimetres of their diameter, while also touching on the subject of clients who are ready to request a dozen tourbillons on the same watch!...


He confesses to us that, at the beginning of his career, he was paid 15 Swiss Francs (!) for the design of each watch and he passionately talks about his love of painting, about design, his career and his personal relationship with watches.