48 pages to transport you among the wildest and most caring animals of our planet!

Watchmaking becomes a veritable Noah’s Arc and houses the most well-known, but also the most peculiar species.

For the first time 110 rare timepieces themed on animals appear together in one article, which will offer you the sweetest, most caring and most exotic image of the Watchmaking world.

When I began writing this article in 2010, the very creative Maximilian Büsser presented one of his ornate watches, casting it in the form of a frog! And not of any frog. Of a frog that can, effortlessly, transform itself into a prince!

Dr. Eugene Trivizas, Professor of Criminology at Reading University and author of nearly 200 seminal children’s books, has shared his thoughts with us on the first page of the article.

It is certain that, in our time, fairy tales, children, animals and anything that could depict innocence, is also our own Arc…