At the dawn of the third millennium, the Industry of Fine Watchmaking was booming with emerging new watch brands and new collectors every day.

    Amidst such strong competition, the overall challenge was to stand out from the crowd in the eyes of the public. At the time, one of the most effective responses for RJ-Romain Jerome was to explore the brand’s identity and DNA. Thus in 2004, the brand launched its famous concept “DNA of Famous Legends”.

    The idea was both brilliant and simple.

    With no historical leverage in the Watchmaking industry, the Geneva-based brand decided to integrate the DNA of historical emblems into its timepieces instead.

    Along with its innovative concept, RJ-Romain Jerome offers four unique collections filled with Swiss horological know-how and technical expertise.

    The first collection released by the brand was “Titanic-DNA” which was inspired by the legendary transatlantic ocean liner. This collection was a huge media success and helped develop RJ-Romain Jerome’s reputation worldwide. Through its various collections, the brand offers extremely emotional timepieces, subtly blending sophistication and virility.

    RJ-Romain Jerome’s inspiration revolves around the elements “Air – Earth – Sea” and the creativity of its collaborations. The magic of the Moon, Mother Earth’s power, underwater mysteries or iconic watchmaking thanks to its creative encounters.

    “Moon-DNA” – “Eyjafjallajökull-DNA” – “Titanic-DNA” - Collaborations

    Air – 40 years after man’s first step on the Moon, RJ-Romain Jerome pays tribute to the most exciting human adventure of all time through the “Moon-DNA” collection.

    By incorporating elements of the Apollo 11 spacecraft, actual Moon dust or fibres from an ISS spacesuit intothe case, dial or strap, these timepieces are constant references to the spatial adventure.

    Earth – In 2010 the eruption of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull gave birth to unique timepieces containing volcanic ash and lava rock.

    The “Eyjafjallajökull–DNA” collection draws its strength from the Earth, honouring Mother Nature and our contemporary history with this new legend from the 21st Century.

    Sea – The timepieces from the “Titanic-DNA” collection are inspired by the Steampunk aesthetics and are infused with a mix of steel from the Titanic and steel belonging to Harland & Wolff shipyard in Belfast, from when the Titanic was built over a century ago.

    Each watch comes with a certificate attesting of the authenticity and origin of the integrated materials.

    Collaborations – Led by Manuel Emch, one of the youngest CEOs in the watchmaking industry and currently at the helm of RJ-Romain Jerome, the brand has been able to express its creativity and versatility by paying tribute to our History and contemporary icons.

    With the “Día de los Muertos” and “Liberty-DNA” collections, RJ-Romain Jerome honoursHumanity’s strong historical and cultural symbols.

    The Games-DNA with “Space Invaders®”, “PAC-MAN” as well as the “DeLorean-DNA” collections represent generational references of the 80s pop culture.

    The brand also promotes all forms of art, from contemporary art with the “Art-DNA”, to tattoos with the “Tattoo-DNA” or nose art with the “PinUp-DNA” collection.

    Thanks to its iconic “Spacecraft”, created by three Swiss masterminds in watchmaking, Manuel Emch, Eric Giroux – watch designer – and Jean-Marc Wiederrecht – watchmaker –, RJ-Romain Jerome has entered the world of horological and technical icons.

    RJ-Romain Jerome has been rewarded for its creativity and has won the award for Best Advertising campaign in 2010, 2011 and 2013 at the Watch of the Year ceremony in Geneva as well as the “Finja Watch World Awards” in India in 2011.

    The brand was also acclaimed for its in-house designs and received the “Starhill Gallery Favorite Men’s Watch Award” in 2010 for the Moon Invader and in 2011 for the Steampunk.


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